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regarding my routine here

Here's a detailed diagram that shows how driving makes life easier.

I miss my car. I spend 45% of my time and money at the arcade, playing Cruis'n World, which is quite an awful game, if you ask me. It is not realistic to double-pedal and make a wheelie. A kid beat me on a race. If there had been a realistic injection engine simulator it would've been a different story.

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All right this is getting fucking ridiculous. I'm pretty much ready to get the hell out of here.

Boss, here's the plan so far--

Step 1: get some weapons or just our fists, whatever.

Step 2: kill people.

Step 3: go home.

Who else is in?
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exciting prospects for student leadership!

I've decided this school would greatly benefit from a Student Council! There is far too much uncertainty in this kind of place. A student council will brighten that up! We are hear to support you and look after your youthful needs! Don't worry, school will be a place of enrichment and fond memories- just leave it to us. Ah~ But who is 'us', you ask! Well! Of course I will tell you!!

    President: Suou Tamaki
    Vice President: Ootori Kyouya
    Secretary: ??? (Hibari-kun?)
    Treasurer: Maka Albarn

That is your ticket to success? I'm sure I can count on the vote of my fellow students! I assure you, I'm more than qualified.

I plan on bringing the petition to our principal as soon as the week is out, so be sure to vote soon! If you have any early suggestions for school improvements, I'd love to hear them too!

What? No rivalry? No one else is interested? SURELY SOMEONE ELSE WOULD GO FOR SUCH A COVETED POSITION. Though, I promise! I'm a tough act to beat!!
I tremble

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I know I'm not alone in admitting something like this, but school is really a different experience for me. I'm enjoying it so far, and I've already learned a lot. Kanda, maybe you could benefit from some school, too.

I wish we could learn a bit more about where we are. No one is talking about it very much.

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ummm...... The teacher asked where you were again, today, so.. I told him you were still sick with the flu. W-was that okay??

I came by again last night but, uh, I guess you were asleep? Y-you didn't answer when I knocked....... um... I don't know if you saw the homework I pushed under the door. It's due friday so.... but, uh, if you don't feel like going, that's okay!! I can bring it in for you!!

There were.. a couple things I couldn't push under the door... Yamamoto made some tonkatsu and salad so I brought that over............ ah! i hope xanxus didn't eat it.....

Th-that's all I wanted to say, um.......

Gokudera-kun......... are you ever coming ba